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What Does Human Resources Management Do?

human resources system

On this question, I think we have to answer from the two aspects of the concept of human resource management and its main work content. I also hope that this article will make friends who want to know this piece less confused.

Under the guidance of modern scientific methods, through the recruitment, selection, training, compensation and other management forms, the effective use of relevant human resources inside and outside the enterprise. This is the concept of human resources.

Generally, it is necessary to maintain the optimal ratio of human and material resources, and at the same time to properly induce, control and coordinate people’s thoughts, psychology and behaviors, so that people can do their best, get the best of them, and have appropriate personnel to achieve organizational goals.

The main work content is usually summarized by 6 Major Modules.

1. Human Resources Planning

Starting from the strategic planning and development goals, the company predicts the human resources requirements for the future development of the company based on changes in its internal and external environment.

2. Recruitment and Configuration

Solve the problem of organizational staffing and matching. In layman’s terms, in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise, recruit suitable and outstanding talents into the enterprise and put the right people in the right positions.

3. Training and development.

Its theme is “educate people”; it refers to the investigation, analysis, planning, and adjustment of human resources based on corporate goals and changes in organizational structure to make human resources management more efficient.

4. Performance Management

This is the core of the six modules, the main purpose is to help people, improve people, and solve the problem of how the organization uses people

5. Salary and Incentive

It refers to various forms of compensation obtained by employees working in the enterprise, and is the labor remuneration paid to employees by the unit. The purpose is to motivate employees to work hard and solve the problem of retaining employees.

6. Labor Relationship Management

Refers to the traditional content of signing contracts and resolving labor disputes. The basic link in this process is the transfer of information and communication, so that the behavior of enterprises and employees can be standardized, and the rights and interests of all parties are protected.

Now human resources management is still very important in a unit. It plays a role in connecting and connecting with all parties and maintaining the operation, as if it is the role of lubricants.



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