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Time Attendance Management System

The necessity of a good attendance management system

HR often faces many job challenges, and one of the most headaches is the monthly attendance record. As the business continues to expand, this task becomes more cumbersome and complex. On the one hand, enterprises need to hire more HR, which increases labor costs. On the other hand, manual statistics and large amounts of data are prone to errors. 

Therefore, the timeliness and accuracy of attendance data statistics are essential, and attendance statistics directly affect salary accounting. If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Without a good attendance software, without a good attendance data support, many management tasks cannot be carried out. Vstaff real-time automatic Time Attendance System can help our customers to complete this work.

Time & Attendance System

Time Attendance management system is one of the core modules of Vstaff Human Resource Management System, which belongs to the business application level. It can help enterprises to establish efficient attendance management mechanisms, including complex and variable scheduling, labor cost control, real-time collection and centralized operation and attendance data, multi-attendance equipment support, natural description language platform, and intelligent shift scheduling for enterprises. Self-service attendance management, working hours management, improve the overall efficiency of the system, and bring accurate, reliable and convenient attendance management to the enterprise.

Vstaff Time Attendance Management System Features

  • Configured Attendance Rules
  • Intelligent Shift Adjustment Tool
  • Strategic Vacation Management
  • Flexible Overtime Processing Solution
  • Controllable Computing Model
  • Efficient Document Assist Settings
  • Perfect Exception Handling Mechanism
  • Convenient Way To Get Information
  • Comprehensive Coverage Of Working Hours System
  • Strict Labor Time Management



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