If you have submitted the PCB, you don't need to pay the Income Tax!

This means that a portion of the tax will be deducted from your salary in advance every month, reducing the burden on taxpayers who need to pay a large tax payment in a short period of time.

1. What do I need to do when I receive my annual income statement?

When a working family receives an annual income statement, it must be checked whether the company in which it works has a withholding tax (PCB) paid by the employee each month in the individual’s annual income statement. For more details, please refer to the official website of LHDN.

2. Since all have been paid, how do you still need to look back?

Don’t be too much money! Because if you have already paid taxes in advance, but you do not need to pay taxes after filing taxes, then you have the right to ask your land tax bureau to return your PCB!

3. What if my prepaid tax is more than the actual tax? Can it be deducted from the tax next year?

Why do you have to wait until next year? You can apply for a tax refund immediately. Get back the prepaid tax you deserve now.

4. If I have two jobs and both have PCB, but my actual tax is higher than the monthly withholding, then do I need to pay taxes?

This question is the basic mathematical calculation. As long as your actual tax amount is lower than your PCB, then you need to pay your own taxes.

5. So, if the PCB of my two jobs are not far apart, can I choose not to file tax returns?

Yes, if it is a little different, you do not need to file tax returns. Even if you do a good job of the public and choose to file tax returns, the tax bureau will not ask you for additional tax.

6. If I already have a PCB every month, do I still need to choose to file tax returns every year?

According to the latest news from the Malaysian government, as long as there is already a PCB every month, and the tax payable is not far behind, there is no need to file tax again, which can save trouble!

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