What is SEO? Why your landing page need SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)refers to a series of SEO promotion actions based on website construction platform. It paves the way for the publicity of its website. It refers to adjusting and optimizing the website internally and externally so as to make the website meet the ranking needs of search engines and improve the ranking of keywords in search engines so as to bring accurate users to the website and get exemptions. Fee flow, generate direct sales or brand promotion. Nowadays, SEO has become a trend. Websites that do not optimize and promote SEO are bound to be phased out slowly.

SEO optimization 7 steps:

1. Keyword Analysia (also know as keyword posisitioning)

This is the most important part of SEO optimization, keyword analysis includes: keyword focus analysis, competitor analysis, keyword and website relevance analysis, keyword layout, keyword ranking prediction.

2. Analysis of Website Architecture

Website structure conforms to the crawler preference of search engines,, which is conducive to SEO optimization. The analysis of website architecture include eliminating bad design of website architecture, realizing tree directory structure, website navigation and link optimization. 

3. Site directory and page optimization

SEO is not only to make the home page of the website rank well in the search engine, but also to bring traffic to every page of the website.

4. Content Publishing and Link Layout

Search engines like regular content update, so it one of the important techniques of SEO optimization to arrange the content release schedule. Link layout links that whole website in series, so that search engines understand the importance of each page and key words, the implementation of the reference is the first key word layout. The Friendship Link Campaign was also launched at this time.

5. Establishing “SiteMap”

According to their website structure, make “SiteMap” to make webmasters website more friendly to search engines. Search engines can access all the pages and colummns on the entire site through “SiteMap”.

6. High-Quality friendship links

Establishing high-quality friendship links, for SEO optimization, can improve the PR value of the website and the update rate of website, are very critical issues.

7. Website Traffic Analysis

Website traffic analysis guides the next step of SEO strategy from the results of SEO, and also has guiding significance for the optimization of user experience of the website.. Traffic analysis tools, recommended the use of analysis tools Google Analytics analysis tools, Baidu Statistical analysis tools and Bing Webmaster tools.

Are you perplexed and ambiguous about these SEO steps? And still don’t know how to start without concept?

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