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Type of work involved in VStaff Payroll System (Online Base)

The payroll refers to a list of employees that are currently being hired and paid for their work by the relevant employer. However, when one speaks of “VStaff Payroll System”, they most commonly refer to the administrative menial work involved in managing a company’s monthly payment towards its employees and the relevant calculations involved. This can be quite a demanding task in terms of its time consumption. The calculations involved are intricate and an example of the factors that must be taken into account are listed as follows. This comprises any potential allowances, transport allowances, meal allowances and the like, along with tax deduction, EPF, SOCSO and any other form of deductions, such as any no-pay leave that the employee has taken, and others.

Why you might not want to handle your payroll yourself?

As seen from the above, the task of managing a payroll is not particularly challenging. In fact, it may be considered to be mere administrative busywork. Therefore, given that the requirements needed for one to perform this task are not particularly high, and given further the auxiliary nature of such a task, it can indeed be a wise choice for an employer to delegate such work to a company that specialists in managing payrolls. To do it yourself or to delegate it to department within your company can be an inefficient use of manpower. To have such professionals manage the company payroll is a poor choice as they are often high-skilled workers and their capabilities can be better utilized elsewhere.  

Why you might our VStaff Payroll System

The benefits accurued from VStaff Payroll System the handling of the payroll include the fact that a specialised company, possessing significant experience in managing payrolls, is able to perform such service for you meticulously, effectively and relatively cheaply. The time saved can translate into win-win situation for both parties, as the specialised company is then able to pass on cost to you.

Why you should use VStaff Payroll System

VStaff Payroll System is one such company specialising in, among other things, payroll management system. We are an key player in this industry with many years of experience. The lessons we have learned over the years put us in a strategic position to handle your payroll in a hassle-free, no-frills manner. We will delivery quality service at a reasonable price.

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