VStaff Payroll System
Malaysia most affordable Payroll System

VStaff Payroll System Malaysia

VStaff Payroll System Malaysia

VStaff is one amongst the most effective web-based HR & Payroll management system out there!

Easy to use, you’ll run our payroll from anyplace within the world! Why trouble regarding paperworks, let’s Vstaff Payroll System today.

VStaff Payroll System Feature

Employee Information Managements

Stored comprehensive employee records i.e. personal details, statutory info, employee movement history, etc.

Leave Management

Apply leave online, employee leave records & leave planner.

Time & Attendance Management

Track employee daily attendance, multiple working schedule setups, easy calculations for overtime & pre-approve overtime.

Payroll Management

Integrated with leave, attendance, and reimburesement to eliminated repetitive process.

Claims Management

Claims submission online, rules based approval process.

Medical Claims Management

Track employee medical claims & balance availability.

Employee Self-Service

Easy access to company policy & handbook, web based access to apply leave, claims submission etc.

Bank Integration

Integrated with bank document format.

Employee Performance

In order to optimize employee performance, it’s necessary to have systems in place to record specific employee goals and then measure each employee’s performance as it pertains to achieving those goals.

Online Training

Online training allows employees to log in at their convenience from whatever location is best for them. It also gives the employee hands-on control over using the system, which can be more effective and cost efficient.

Sale Tracking

It logs sales activities and provides management with useful and relevant sales related information.

VStaff Payroll System Pricing

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Vstaff Payroll system

Why Choose Us

Vstaff Payroll is Versatile, efficient & user-friendly.

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by going virtual and paperless!

Reduce errors & save the environment by going paperless.

Validated by the Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) as well as the Malaysian Software Testing Board.

VStaff Payroll System is most powerful & flexible software customized to your business needs.

The most affordable automated payroll program on this market!

Empower your employees with powerful top-class HR systems.

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